Analogous Round / Elle Re-Imagined

April Wagner Art Installation U.S. Mission to the United Nations Geneva
Ambassador & Permanent Representative U.S. Mission to the United Nations Geneva

Analogous Round / Elle Re-imagined 

This custom sculpture was commissioned for the Chief of Mission residence of the United States Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva. The large space in this elegant and traditional residence called for something bold, colorful and energetic. April created roundels from 4″D up to 26″D in multiple colors with varying density to create this wonderful sculpture. Floating off the wall, this piece changes as the sun moves across the residence during the day.

 8′ x 11′

Thank you for creating such an exquisite sculpture for loan for our art exhibit at the Chief of Mission Residence in Geneva, Switzerland. We absolutely love the sculpture, which has transformed our stairwell and entryway and will be viewed regularly by foreigns dignitaries and visiting U.S. government officials whenever we host events. I am deeply honored that you have entrusted me with showing your work during the time I am here. It is the centerpiece of our art exhibit and I look forward to countless opportunities to showcase your sculpture in the coming years. The sculpture is truly gorgeous and unique.

Bathsheba Crocker, US Ambassador to the United in Geneva