The Four Elements

"I had never considered glass could capture so well the spirit of the four elements.
We had faith in April Wagner's talents and enjoy her creativity every time we enter this room."
Pfizer Logo
Dr. David Canter
Senior Vice President
Pfizer Inc., Global Research & Development

Pfizer and GBT Interiors commissioned April to conceptualize and create “The Four Elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth,” a custom site-specific glass wall sculpture in four parts. This piece was commissioned for the Round Interaction Conference Room on their Ann Arbor campus. 

One of April’s objectives in creating the sculpture was to enhance the work environment, yet not distract from the business process; to give impetus to creative thinking via visual stimulation, engaging the viewer back into the environment/discussion instead of removing them from it.

The Four Elements  ::  2003  ::  36″ x 30-48″ x 10″